Monday, December 24, 2012

A special ornament...

I almost didn't buy the ornament that first year; there was something about shopping for Christmas decorations while it was 95 degrees outside that didn't feel quite right to me. I fell in love with this gorgeous piece of glass, though, so I promptly bought it, stashed it in the attic once we were home, and forgot about it.

Fast forward seven months- I'm getting ready to decorate our tree, and I spot the small white box with a Mickey sticker holding it closed. I smile when I pick up the box, and as I open it, I'm instantly transported back to my favorite place.

Hanging that ornament on our tree prompted my family to reminisce about our favorite trip, and made us long for a return visit. We've returned several times since then- and I make sure to buy a new ornament every time. It's one of the ways we plus the magic at home.

My first one... and it remains my favorite.


  1. I LOVE these glass Mickey ornaments. Wouldn't it be great to have a tree full of them?

  2. Yes, this is a GORGEOUS piece of glass! I love it. Very unique. What a special surprise finding the magic, tucked away, when you least expect it. We had a similar experience with an ornament we bought this year.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. You did your parents proud. couple ornaments