Friday, February 8, 2013

Favorites on Friday

From time to time on Fridays, we feature various favorites from Disney Parks- favorite foods, favorite attractions, favorite spots, and more. This time, it's a combination: Favorite Spots and Favorite Foods...

Tucked away above the Japanese pavilion in Epcot is the Katsura Grill- one of my favorite places to head for a bite to eat. More than just a quick service eatery, this area is one of my favorite little getaway spots in all of Epcot. Many people pass right by, never looking up and beyond the koi pond. Follow the path upwards to find a semi-secluded oasis. It's not really hidden, but it just feels...different up here.

Often without a crowd, this vantage point offers some amazing views of the pavilion and of the people strolling the world showcase down below. (Shhh...there's even a bathroom that not many people seem to be aware of). There are tables tucked away in the back corner, tranquil streams and rock formations, and inside the Katura Grill...the delicious morsel known as okonomiyaki:

Okonomiyaki is a savory Japanese pancake, made from a batter filled with cabbage and other vegetables. Preparation of okonomiyaki varies by region and by restaurant, and can often include some kind of meat or seafood. The okonomiyaki  at Katsura is vegetarian. The pancake is grilled on both sides, then topped with a rich  brown sauce. The sauce is hard to describe- somehow tangy, sweet, and savory all at the same time. And no, that's not icing- it's a mayonnaise-like condiment, decoratively finishing the dish. Rich, indeed.

This portion is a great size for sharing as a midday or late night snack. The pancake is thicker than it appears in this photo- it's probably over half an inch thick. It's quite filling- enough to share, unless you plan to make a meal out of it.

The next time you find yourself high above the Japanese Pavilion, I urge you to give okonomiyaki a try... and let me know what you think about this tasty morsel from Japan!


  1. I had no idea this even existed, but I definitely know what I'm going to try next time I'm there!

  2. Wow. This treat sounds so yummy, I will definitely try it on my next trip. I heard about this oasis but haven't stopped there yet...thanks for sharing!

  3. I had no idea that they sold okonomiyaki there! The only times I've ever had it have been when I've made it myself, and I'm sure it's pretty imperfect, since I have nothing to compare it to. *lol* I will definitely have to go looking for this!

  4. The staff deny EVER serving Okonomiyaki