Friday, April 19, 2013

Favorites on Friday: Souvenirs

From time to time on Fridays, we feature various favorites from Disney Parks- favorite foods, favorite attractions, favorite spots, and more. This time, we're talking souvenirs...

Do you have favorite souvenir, something you get each time you go on vacation? For some it's a t-shirt, or maybe a new set of Mickey ears. Others swear by the snow globe, or maybe a keychain.

For my favorite souvenir, we once again visit the Japanese pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase. This is the second visit back to Japan for Favorites on Friday, the first being the scrumptious Okonomiyaki.

Some of the best shopping in Epcot can be found in the Japanese pavilion. Mitsukoshi Department Store is home to one of the most varied arrays of souvenirs found anywhere. From Hello Kitty to traditional Japanese calligraphy brushes, fine jewelry to anime hair clips, authentic kimonos to books and toys- it can all be found in this spacious shop, stretching the length of the pavilion. A Pick-a-Pearl station is found near the front of the store, and the far end houses an assortment of packaged Japanese snacks and candy that I can only describe as... well, indescribable.

Just before you get to the snacks, you’ll find a room full of the souvenir I can never pass up: ceramic sushi bowls. Bowls and plates in all shapes and sizes, all colors and patterns, each one a beautiful piece of art. The bowls range in price, but most are from $4.00 to $9.00 each. At least a few of these come home with me, every time… 

Have you ever visited Mitsukoshi? Do you have a favorite WDW souvenir? 

Tell us about it in the comments...


  1. I love Mitsukoshi. I can't actually recall if I've ever bought anything there, but that really goes for almost everything at Epcot, I usually just look and wish I could buy. ;) (My husband actually made some great purchases when we went in 2005 though. Home d├ęcor and things, largely from China. ANYWAY.) Mitsukoshi is so HUGE that I have spent about an hour in there in the past. Sadly, on our last trip, we barely made it into World Showcase... there was too much to do in Future World and not enough to lure the kids into the back section. I am going to make pains not to repeat that in future. :)

  2. Pretty! We're going to Disney World in June. can't wait.