Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Mini Vacation with a Few Disney Twists

My daughter and I just returned from a visit with my family. While not a Disney vacation, we did manage to plus it with a few Disney twists:

  • I got to show my daughter some of the sites in NYC, including one of my favorites- Central Park. We paid a visit to a very special place... 

The Alice in Wonderland statue

Caterpillar detail on the back side of the statue...

We hit lots of sites around the city, but this one was a highlight.

P.S.- I don't recommend trying to cram four young children 
onto the 6 train. During rush hour. On a hot summer day. 

  • Next, my sister and I worked on some plans for a possible runDisney trip later this year. A chance to talk Disney in real life with someone? It doesn't happen often for me (*waves to all my internet friends*), so I relished every minute! ADRs, race details, resort decisions, park strategies- there's nothing better! 
  • Have you played the ridiculously fun game Apples to Apples? Did you know there's a Disney version? We played this with a large group, and it was lots of fun. It's played exactly like regular Apples to Apples, but the cards feature some familiar Disney names and pictures:

 Most cards featured regular Apples to Apples words, but had images or descriptions that were Disney-related. 

Mixed in among the regular cards were specific Disney cards of actual characters, attractions, and parks.

Magical Apples to Apples!

  • I returned home from my NYC excursion to find a package from Estelle at This Happy Place Blog. I won a giveaway on her site, and it just so happened to be a Disney/NYC themed gift- a Mickey NYC tote, and an NYC vinylmation! My first vinylmation...


Isn't it fun when you can find Disney tie-ins in unexpected places? 


  1. I love the Alice In Wonderland statue in NYC! My friends and I stopped there for a picture on our high school chorus trip years ago. That is one of my favorite pictures from our trip.

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