Monday, November 25, 2013

Plus the Magic is ONE!

Birthday? Anniversary? I'm not sure which one I would call it, but it was one year ago that this blog was launched.

When I started, I needed a creative outlet for my ever-growing interest in the Disney Parks and Resorts- the magic, the history, the design, the attractions, the food...I could go on. My very supportive family could only take so much of me talking about these topics! It was also around the time of a major employment upheaval (my long-held job- my career- was being dissolved), and I needed something to focus on that would be a positive, amid so much negativity. I needed a focus, something fun and exciting and challenging to keep me going and keep me productive.

It's hard to express how much I have absolutely loved this whole process- and it's hard to believe a year has gone by so quickly. The amount I've learned, and the incredible connections I've made, the sheer joy I've experienced writing and sharing both the magical and the mundane- every bit of it has been worthwhile, and it's hard to imagine not doing this.

In all honesty, I planned on a longer post for this anniversary, in which I would talk about some of my blog mentors, recognize the folks who helped me in the early days (and continue to help me now- I'm still a novice in many areas!), and share some of the sites that inspire and motivate me. The depth and breadth of the Disney fandom never ceases to amaze me, and the overwhelming majority of the people in this community are incredibly supportive. The truth is, I just don't have the ability to write that post right now. I am so busy with my "other" life, this has to take a backseat- for the moment. I pledge to come back and write that post, as soon as I can. Please hold me to it.

For now- just a big THANK YOU to the readers who have kept me going this past year. You have my sincere gratitude. Please join me in a rousing round of "Happy Birthday, Plus the Magic"!

What will the next year bring for me? More Disney magic? Another runDisney event? Maybe the Disney Social Media Moms conference? Perhaps the 2015 Moms Panel Search?! Bring it on! Thank you all for a terrific year!