Friday, July 11, 2014

Tipsy Ducks in Love

I used to stroll by the Joy of Tea stand in Epcot without giving it much thought, assuming there wasn't anything there to entice me. I'm not really a daytime tea drinker, so I didn't take much notice of the offerings here.

Then... I started hearing about a beverage that sounded almost too good to be true.

Caffeine? check.
Chocolate? check.
Bourbon? ....yup.

Tipsy Ducks in Love is a rich, creamy, cold drink of goodness that combines elements I wouldn't usually expect to blend together so well. It's described as a "Hong Kong Style Yuan Yang Drink", which sent me seeking answers on Google. Apparently, Yuan Yang is a popular Asian beverage, a mixture of 2/3 milk tea and 1/3 coffee. I found a few different explanations, but it seems that Yuan Yang refers to Mandarin Ducks, who are often seen in mated pairs and who look very different from one another (just like the coffee and tea), and are seen as a symbol of love.  The tipsy part we can figure out...

The drink can be ordered with or without whipped cream (I prefer without), and you can also order a non-alcoholic version (I don't advise this). 


Have you tried Tipsy Ducks in Love? What's your favorite beverage in World Showcase? Tell us in the comments...


  1. I am...aghast. I've always walked right by that booth too, thinking it was just tea.... who knew! I guess this goes to show you...You never know what you might find in the World!

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