Friday, November 7, 2014

Even More Disney Firsts

As I've written about here and here, I like to make sure I experience some Disney Firsts every time I visit.

Here are the firsts I have on tap for my upcoming trip in early November:

Splash Mountain- Can you believe I've never done this attraction? For several years, I was scared of the drop. I decided to get past that. Then it became a series of bad timing problems- a few trips happened during rehab down times, a few were during cold/wet spells, and then there were some random ride closures thrown in for good measure. Plus...I'll be honest- I've never really been drawn to the theming. It just doesn't sit comfortably with me (much like Port Orleans Riverside... but that's a post for another time). After hearing so many people declare this as one of the best attractions ever, I know I have to do it! This is the time. I have a FP+ booked, and I'm finally taking the plunge. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised.

Restaurants- I try to visit at least one new-to-me restaurant on each visit. This time, I have two- Captain's Grille and Todd English's bluezoo. I have high hopes for both!

Osborne Lights- I'm rarely visiting WDW during the holiday season, and I'm pretty much never at Hollywood Studios at night. This time, though, I'm making a point of it, just to see the lights. I fear they will be going away soon, and I'd hate to have missed them forever.

Yacht Club- I'm looking forward to this stay. I've stayed at Beach Club a few times, but this will be the first time at the sister resort. The location is still ideal, and there's a giant globe in the lobby. A GIANT GLOBE. I collect globes, and have a longstanding love for them. I think I'm going to dig this resort. Time will tell...

I think that's it for my firsts this time- a short visit!


And by special request, an update on how things turned out from my last visit's planned firsts:

UnDISCOVERED Epcot Tour- Loved it! Recap coming soon...

Sailing on the Disney Dream: I'm a cruise convert. I hope to sail again soon.

Tropical Running: The Castaway Cay 5K is no joke! Hot. H-O-T. HUMID. brutal. So glad I did it!

The Wave- had to cancel. A spur-of-the-moment decision to visit Sanaa early in the trip derailed my food budget. Something had to go, and it was The Wave. Maybe next time...

What Disney Firsts are you looking forward to on your next visit?


  1. Nice!!! I'm going in early December and will be doing a LOT of Christmas firsts myself! I am VERY excited :D