Monday, January 4, 2016

WDW Half Marathon- costume sneak peek

I'm getting ready to tackle a major goal- the next big step in my runDisney experience. I'm headed to Orlando this weekend to run my first half marathon. I can hardly believe I even typed that. I'm trained. I'm ready. I'm nervous.

Race prep always includes not only physical training, but also the all-important costume prep!
This always involves a little DIY- sometimes some cutting, sometimes some sewing, sometimes some iron-on skills.

Deciding on a theme is always harder than actually pulling it together. I'm running with my sister, and we decided to put together outfits that paid homage to one of our very favorite Disney movies from childhood. 

When my daughter heard what costume I was going with, she said, "Uh... is everyone going to know what that is?"

My reply: "I'm pretty sure NOBODY is going to know what this is. But we'll know."

So, here's a sneak peek. If you see us on the course, say hello!

Interested is some past race costume sneak peeks? Here are my  Jingle Jungle 5K (2013), WDW 10K (2015), and Expedition Everest Challenge (2015) peeks. 

Are you running any races during runDisney's Marathon Weekend? Do you recognize my costume? Tell us about it in the comments...


  1. This costume is going to really stand out in a crowd of princesses and Star Wars characters- brilliant!

    1. Thanks- but from past race experience, I don't think anyone really "stands out"- and I definitely don't want to! I'll be fighting through a major challenge. The costume will be special to me, and hopefully give me that extra push I may need! :)