Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kill Refurb Marry: World Showcase Counter Service Edition

It's time for another round of Kill~Refurb~Marry with Mouse on the Mind and This Happy Place Blog! If you're not familiar with this game, it's the one where you choose three related things within a given theme: one you have no use for (Kill), one you'd like to revamp a bit (Refurb), and one you love (Marry). This month's theme is World Showcase Counter Service Restaurants!

Here we go.....

Kill:      Lotus Blossom Cafe

You're in World Showcase. With so many food choices, why go where the food is maybe only marginally as good as your local Chinese takeout? No decent vegetarian options, and it just barely edges out Liberty Inn for the bottom spot in the why-bother-eating-in-World-Showcase category. I hope that's not too harsh (and I really hate killing anything in my beloved World Showcase),  but I always felt this was a wasted opportunity. Start over with this one.

(If it does get killed, though, keep this- I love this:)

Refurb:     Les Halles Boulangerie & P√Ętisserie

Yes, I know it just got through with a major refurb. But there's quite a bit wrong here that needs to be revisited. The food is great- I love the variety, I love everything I've tasted. I think the layout has been dumbed down, and its generic snaked queue does more harm than good. When the line splits, people get confused. There's a sort of no-person's-land where they aren't sure where to order, where to pay, or where to wait after they've paid but the food's not ready. People inevitably stack up near the registers, nobody is sure who's supposed to be where, and the CMs don't seemed concerned about supporting the process. It's a register cluster, and that never works. The old location was certainly too small- but it had charm, and it had a linear system that worked for me.

Marry:    Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

My favorite counter service is in my favorite pavilion. Oh, Kringla Og, I love you. You wrapped School Bread for me so it could make a 1200 mile trip home for a special person. You always have a scrumptious (though regrettably unphotogenic) vegetable torte. Your people are kind and beautiful. I know your beer is from Denmark- I'll order it anyway. I'll eat and drink under the canopy of the rooftop garden, in the place I originally fell in love with you. It was May 17, several years back. I happened upon the Norway pavilion, unaware that May 17 was Norway's Constitution Day- their Independence Day holiday. Trust me, you've never seen a party like a World Showcase party in a host country when it's that country's Independence Day. I have never seen so many people having such a great time, and welcoming all with open arms and open hearts. It happened at Kringla. They all made me fall in love. Marry me, Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe...

(Close second: Tangierine Cafe- love you too, TC! XXOO)

Play along! Tell us about your ideas for Kill~Refurb~Marry in the comments. Better yet, write a post and participate in the blog hop!


  1. What kind words for Kringla! I've only been there once but I think I have to go back. I mean, wow. You make it sound pretty magical but this is my favorite line: "I know your beer is from Denmark- I'll order it anyway."

    Thanks so much for joining us this month!!

  2. I too am v. overwhelmed by Les Halles' new queue system! And I also have very little love for Lotus Blossom. And is there no such thing as actual Norwegian-made beer? I can't handle the Aquavit shots, I need an alternative!

  3. I'm also really not a fan of the new queue at France! I went in there and was very overwhelmed and confused.

  4. I haven't seen the new queue at Les Halles, but I do think the old one had charm! You'd think Disney would try to make lines as simple as possible when so many people are using it. I love Norway too, and I can't believe I've never had the school bread. I've clearly been missing out for years.

  5. KILL: I'll have to go with Lotus Blossom, too. It *used* to be a favorite, but they got rid of the yummy steamed vegetables and replaced it with yuck. Kill it!

    Refurb: the Cantina in MX. They basically just did a refurb but missed a fairly critical element: adequate seating.

    Marry: Tangierine Cafe! Even its lack of air conditioning can be overlooked when I'm served a heaping platter of falafel, pita, lentils and coucous!

  6. I agree with you on Les Halles. The food is fantastic but the design isn't as charming as it used to be. Also - I must admit - I think I'm the only person who doesn't love schoolbread. I know, I know..blasphemous isn't it?! I just can't get onboard with it! Maybe I hit it on a bad day?

  7. I had the exact KILL as you even down to Liberty Inn! And I didn't even read anyone's first. Good call my friend!

  8. I'm not sure what represents America worse- the generic blah of the livery counter service or the mall food court interpretation of Chinese food.