Monday, March 17, 2014

Raglan Road

It's Saint Patrick's Day, so this seemed like a fitting time to talk about one of the shining stars in Downtown Disney: Raglan Road.

I don't frequent Downtown Disney, but when I do go- I never miss a chance to spend some time in this establishment. A visit to Raglan Road Irish Pub is guaranteed to leave you full, smiling, and possibly tapping your feet.

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According to lore, the entire restaurant was built in Ireland, and shipped and assembled in Downtown Disney. I'm not sure of that story's veracity, but it does have an authentic feel when you're inside. The bar, which is separated from the dining space by a low divider, is made from enormous slabs of 130 year old Irish wood (or something like that, so the story goes!). The bar offers a full range of beverages, including many Irish and European beers along with American selections. Several different flights are available if you're interested in sampling a variety. The restaurant also features live entertainment on a regular basis, and you can catch Irish musicians and dancers on one of the stages in the dining room, seven days a week.

As for the food, they have an extensive menu of humorously-named dishes, many of which are culturally authentic and not found elsewhere on property. The vegetarian selections are few, but those they do offer are tasty. Two of my favorite vegetarian selections are below: the Tart Art ( asparagus & goat cheese tart with garden peas, leeks, and arugula in lemon oil), and  the Portobello Beauty. Granted, a portobello sandwich is a pretty standard vegetarian offering at any number of places, but this one is very fresh, well seasoned, and has interesting accompaniments.

The restaurant (which is not owned by Disney) has an entertaining little website. Check it out at Peruse the offerings on any of the menus featured, and you'll get an idea of the interesting selections available. Whether you'e looking for a tried-and-true favorite or something more adventurous, you're bound to find something on this menu that piques your interest.

Have you visited Raglan Road? Share your thoughts about this restaurant with us in the comments...

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