Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kill Refurb Marry- Disney Parks Transportation

It's time for another round of Kill~Refurb~Marry with Mouse on the Mind and This Happy Place Blog! If you're not familiar with this game, it's the one where you choose three related things within a given theme: one you have no use for (Kill), one you'd like to revamp a bit (Refurb), and one you love (Marry). This month's theme is Disney Parks Transportation!

Here we go.....

Kill: OK, I'm going to have to start right off with cheating. I can't really kill anything in this category- but if I could, I'd kill the feeling I get when I'm on the Tragical Express. Yes, the dreaded Tragical Express, the saddest ride on in the world, the YOUR VACATION'S OVER version of the Magical Express. Few things are more depressing than that ride back to the airport. Sure, they make it as palatable as possible, with interesting video segments, old animation clips, and low key tidbits of information... but when it comes right down to it, the feelings that come along on this ride are the worst.

This should have a sad face for the way back to the airport...

Refurb:  It has to be the Monorail. Monorail, I love you- but you've seen better days. You're down quite often, you're showing some wear and tear, and you've started sometimes wearing wraps. Please stop that.

Marry:  Friendship Boats. The Epcot area resorts are my favorite, and I love cruising around on Crescent Lake. Sure, it's not the quickest way to get between Epcot and Hollywood Studios- for that, I walk. But a relaxing Friendship Boat journey is a perfect way for me to sit back, take a few deep breaths, listen to the water, and think about what lies ahead. Plus, I love watching the Friendship Boat Cast Members, in their nautical uniforms. They have a particular way of working those controls and navigating the waters, and they always seem to be loving their jobs.

There you have it! Make sure to check out all these Kill~ Refurb~ Marry entries from around the blogosphere! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

More Disney Firsts

No matter how many times I visit Walt Disney World, I always manage to experience at least a few things for the first time on each trip. It's one of the beautiful things about this place- there's always more to experience. I first wrote about my Disney Firsts back in November.  I'll be leaving shortly for a family vacation, and this time I'm looking forward to these Disney Firsts...

Cruising on the Disney Dream: I've been reluctant to try a cruise, but another member of my family really wanted to do this. After much deliberation and planning, we decided to go for it- we set sail on the Disney Dream this week! We'll be staying onsite at WDW a few days before and after the cruise, so we'll (hopefully) be able to experience the best of both worlds.

Tropical running: If all goes as planned, I'll be running my first 5K in the tropics! I plan to run the Castaway Cay 5K during our trip. I'm very nervous about it, beacuse I'm not quite as trained as I would like to be, and I tend not to run well in the heat. But how often do you get the chance to run a race on a private island? I have to give it a whirl.

The Wave:  Every visit, I try to go to at least one restaurant I've never tried before. This time it's The Wave.  We'll be going there for dinner the day we're off the cruise, so hopefully we won't still be in cruise-food-coma mode.

The UnDISCOVERED Future World: It's no secret around this blog that Epcot is my favorite place. I'm really excited for this 4-hour behind-the-scenes walking tour, which is billed as "a trip back in time to see how Walt’s vision of a futuristic utopia became the Epcot we know today". It's possible that this tour might provide me with an opportunity to visit another secret lounge. Time will telll...

Family firsts: OK, maybe these shouldn't count because they're not firsts for me, but I'm very excited to be sharing a few things that will be firsts for my family. For starters: our first stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge together. I stayed here with my sister during my last runDisney weekend, and loved it so much I changed our family trip to this resort. I know they're going to love it. Also new to them will be all of  New Fantasyland. This will be their first visit since it was completed, and I can't wait for them to see the whole area, and the ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

There will also be some lasts on this trip- but that's a post for another time.

Now, I'm off to pack...

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Shrinking Bench in DAK...

Something just didn't seem right the last time I visited one of my favorite photo spots in Animal Kingdom.

Can you see the difference? 

A photo from a previous trip:

My most recent visit:

Can you help solve the mystery of the shrinking bench?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Disneyland Celebrates a Birthday...

Disneyland opened its gates to visitors 59 years ago today! I'm an east coast person, and I rarely have the chance to visit California. A few years back, though, I lucked into a work-related conference that was being held in Anaheim. I took time out to visit the parks, and loved every moment I spent in Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. Looking back, though, I realize I missed so much. I had a cursory understanding of what the parks were about, but I wasn't nearly as well-versed in the history and background as I am today.

The parks- particularly DCA- seemed to be in a transition time. Cars Land construction was nowhere near complete, World of Color had just recently debuted, Tron was in full swing, and  Ariel's Undersea Adventure was still under wraps. Much has changed in the subsequent years, and I very much look forward to a return trip. Happy Birthday, Disneyland.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tipsy Ducks in Love

I used to stroll by the Joy of Tea stand in Epcot without giving it much thought, assuming there wasn't anything there to entice me. I'm not really a daytime tea drinker, so I didn't take much notice of the offerings here.

Then... I started hearing about a beverage that sounded almost too good to be true.

Caffeine? check.
Chocolate? check.
Bourbon? ....yup.

Tipsy Ducks in Love is a rich, creamy, cold drink of goodness that combines elements I wouldn't usually expect to blend together so well. It's described as a "Hong Kong Style Yuan Yang Drink", which sent me seeking answers on Google. Apparently, Yuan Yang is a popular Asian beverage, a mixture of 2/3 milk tea and 1/3 coffee. I found a few different explanations, but it seems that Yuan Yang refers to Mandarin Ducks, who are often seen in mated pairs and who look very different from one another (just like the coffee and tea), and are seen as a symbol of love.  The tipsy part we can figure out...

The drink can be ordered with or without whipped cream (I prefer without), and you can also order a non-alcoholic version (I don't advise this). 


Have you tried Tipsy Ducks in Love? What's your favorite beverage in World Showcase? Tell us in the comments...