Monday, August 13, 2018

Walt Disney World Ready To Mail Jigsaw Puzzle

I love puzzles, and I love vintage Disney merchandise- so when I saw this 70s-era puzzle for sale last week online, I had to buy it!

After paying the seller, I realized I never asked if all the pieces were intact- always a risk with an unsealed vintage puzzle. The only thing to do was wait for it to arrive, and check for myself. Luckily, I  didn't have to wait long for this package to arrive in the mail:

Speaking of mail, this puzzle was billed as a "Ready To Mail" puzzle- complete with a label printed on the canister, including postage instructions. Fantastic idea, right? Who wouldn't love to receive this as a souvenir, delivered right to your door?

I love when original pricetags are intact. This seems like a bargain at $1.50!

 Here we go- so far so good. The edge pieces are all here!

Filling in nicely... 

SUCCESS! It's complete!

The detail in this photo is amazing- a very crisp image, capturing a slice of life near the hub! 
(And not a stroller or baseball hat in sight...) 

Do you have any special Disney puzzles? Any recent vintage finds? Tell us about it in the comments!


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