Monday, November 26, 2012


Buttons (not to be confused with pins...we'll talk about pins later) are a simple little way to plus the magic while you're at WDW. Buttons recognizing special events are available, free of charge, from the front desk of your resort or from Guest Services in the parks. There are buttons recognizing birthdays, anniversaries, first visits, and more. Wearing a button will most certainly garner you lots of smiles and well-wishes from guests and CMs thoughout your stay. These buttons have now become ubiquitous, and it's hard to take a bus ride or stand in a queue without seeing one on at least one side of you. Many people feel that they've lost their specialness because of this. Are there people saying,"What will I get if I wear a button"? Sure. Some people may be using them in the hopes that they'll get some pixie dust- perhaps a free dessert, an upgrade, or something else. Don't let that stop you from partaking in the real spirit of these buttons, the real plus of the warm feeling when a stranger gives you a smile and a heartfelt wish for your special day. If you're celebrating, wear a button- you'll be certain to experience some fun and heart-felt greetings and well-wishes (and on increasingly rarer occassions, perhaps some tiny sprinkling of pixie dust- but don't count on it, or expect it!)...


  1. I really like the idea of a button for people truly celebrating something special...too bad this is so hard to really implement. So, instead, everyone winds up wearing a button...because, hey, everyone has a birthday or an anniversary COMING UP or JUST PASSED, right? Oh well. I guess there is no solution - but everyone can celebrate the fact that they are AT DISNEY!!

  2. Sadly, it was our last day at Holywood Studios and we were headed for the busses when we noticed a young newly wed couple, (by their just married buttons), looking at Toy Story Mania. The ride had been long depleted of fast passes and we were there to find "someone" to give ours to. Well, who better than those with newly wed buttons? I think we made their afternoon with that gesture.