Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Family Favorites


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  1. OK thanks...now I want some dessert LOL. Great photo!

    1. It's funny- I wasn't even thinking dessert! It was cold here when I posted this, and I was thinking about the delicious tomato bisque and grilled cheese sandwich, my first meal at B & C.

  2. That's one place we have never been. I believe we might need to change that soon!

  3. I have never been there. May have to try it next trip. :)

  4. This is one of favorites as well! We love stopping in here at the end of a day in the parks when we stay at the BC or YC. Great atmosphere!

  5. Beaches & Cream is one of my favorites too. I love the grilled cheese and tomato soup. So yummy!

  6. What a great shot! Now I want a milkshake or a malt. Okay, just give me the Kitchen Sink!

  7. That place is so CUTE! Oh my goodness it makes me want a milkshake ;) I found your blog on Bloggy Mom's and wanted to stop by and say Hi :) Hope you will stop by my blog too :) Digi-Mama's

  8. Kitchen Sink anyone? (Although my favorite is the burger and milk shake; now you've done it KJ!)

  9. Love this place, great ice cream :-)

  10. Beaches and Cream has been on my Disney Bucket List for far too long. I must remedy this soon! Great photo Kelli!