Monday, October 28, 2013

Epcot Food & Wine Festival: My Must-Try List

Just ten days until I hit the Food & Wine Festival for the first time! I've been studying menus, reading reviews, and making a plan. I have a long list of things I want to try, and I've compiled a few of them here (with the help of some great photographers and bloggers- please check out the blog links in the photo credits!).

There are several things that I will certainly try- like most of the vegetarian offerings, including just about everything at the Terra kiosk. But as a "recovering vegetarian", there are many dishes- particularly seafood offerings- that I would not have tried before the change in my eating habits that has occurred over the past year or so. I'm looking forward to branching out.

I've included the dish, the country or kiosk where it can be found, and a small bit about why it's on my list.

I present, in no particular order- a few things that are on my must-try list at this year's Food & Wine Festival....

Vegetarian Haggis, with Neeps and Tatties- Scotland

Vegetarian haggis? It's an oxymoron, right? Since traditional haggis is made with innards of the sort even most hardcore meat eaters don't usually consume, it seems to defy reason that anyone would make a vegetarian version of this dish. Yet, here it is- and it's gotten some interesting reviews. I've heard it described as a thick stuffing, and also as a well-spiced dense oatmeal. Both of those descriptions sound pretty good to me. Plus, neeps and tatties! (That's mashed rutabaga and potato for the uninitiated.) It's not for everyone, but from what I've read of the flavor profile, consistency, and texture- it sounds like a winner to me.

photo courtesy of Eating WDW

Seared Mahi Mahi- Singapore

I really like mahi mahi, and the preparation on this dish appeals to me, with jasmine rice and a spicy sauce. The only other time I've had mahi mahi on property was at the Spirit of Aloha dinner; it exceeded my expectations, tenfold. Looking forward to this one...

photo courtesy of All In WDW

Griddled Greek Cheese, w/ pistachios and honey- Greece

Mmmm...cheese.  Mmm...griddled.  Plus, nuts & honey? I'm there.

photo courtesy of

Griddled Lobster Tail with Garlic Herb Butter- Hops & Barley Kiosk

Maybe I just like things with the word "griddled" in the name? But I do really like lobster, I love garlic and butter, and this one has made it onto my list. It's gotten a few mixed reviews, but I think I'll try it for myself. Plus, my mother will be with me, and I know she loves lobster tails.

photo courtesy of All in WDW

Pineapple FritterRefreshment Port

OK, here's a little secret- I cannot resist anything with "fritter" in its name. If you ever need me to eat something- figure out a way to fritter it. I also happen to love pineapple, and I especially love hot pineapple. This one has gotten some poor reviews, but I don't care- I'm eating this. There also seems to be some widely differing presentation on the dish, judging by a quick pineapple fritter image search. Some look like donuts, while others look barely sprinkled with batter. No matter- it's a fritter and I'll be buying this at my first opportunity.

photo courtesy of EatingWDW

Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Beer- Brewer's Collection Kiosk

The low alcohol content on this one makes me somewhat wary; I tend to prefer darker, stronger beers. But I like grapefruit quite a bit, and I'm interested to see how these two things come together. It sounds like a refreshing beer, which sounds perfect for strolling World Showcase. And this photo is calling out to me...

photo courtesy of Beers and Ears

Escargots Persillade en Brioche (Garlic and Parsley Snails in Brioche)- France

Yes, I said escargots. I know this probably surprises a few of you who know me in real life. But I've always been curious about escargots, and the delicious-looking little brioche makes it hard to resist. (Yes, snail- but really, on the scale of unusual things to eat, how much different is it from eating...say...a clam? We shall see. And look at that cute brioche!)

photo couresy of MouseChow

I'll make sure to do a few follow-up posts on my experience. In the meantime...what's on your Food & Wine Festival must-try list??


  1. The Grapefruit Beer was awesome! That one was worth getting again and again!

  2. WoW! These suggestions all look amazing! My must-try list now includes all of these...but my list is also filled with my favorite category of food....DESSERT!

    From what I've seen so far, my NUMBER ONE must try dessert is the sweet Scottish Banoffee Tart with Bananas. The pictures look SCRUMPTIOUS!

  3. I missed every single one of these! There's so much food; be sure to pace yourself. Can't wait to hear how much you enjoyed your first festival when you return!

    1. I'll try to remember to pace myself- it's going to be tough, though!