Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dream Job: Disney Horticulture

Everyone remembers their very first job, right? Mine was working in a large greenhouse, part of a now-defunct retail garden & craft store chain. I cared for and sold all kinds of plants for two years, before I moved away for college. Much of what I learned stuck with me over the years. I can still look at just about any house plant and tell you its care requirements, its common name, and in many cases- its Latin name! I briefly considered entering the field professionally. That didn't happen, but I can definitely see myself returning to a job working with plants one day. Maybe that's where Disney comes in!

I marvel at the plants, flowers, and landscaping every time I visit. I could stroll the parks and resorts all day, doing nothing but appreciating the flora. (OK, that's a stretch- but I could make it a BIG portion of the day!)  Living with the Land is obviously a must-do attraction for me, always. I'm a Behind the Seeds tour devotee. My Disney dream job would absolutely be something in the horticulture department. 

This week the Disney Parks Blog featured part of their ongoing series, "Every Role a Starring Role", in which they highlight individual Cast Members and showcase the role they play in the parks and resorts. This is my favorite one yet! Take a look below, and I'm sure you'll see why...

So, what's your dream job? Have you ever thought about being a "Topiary Engineer"?

Tell us about it in the comments...

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  1. Wow, there are so many great jobs at Disney! I'm with you - I could definitely make Topiary Engineer - or Tulip Tender- part of my future plans with Disney. Nice Post!