Sunday, September 27, 2015

Flea Market Finds: Disney Edition

One of my favorite things about my neighborhood is a cool little flea market that sets up in an empty parking lot just a few blocks away. Every Saturday (except in the dead of winter), vendors pop up with all manner of trash & treasure. I go every week (always looking for globes), and very often, something Disney catches my eye. Here are a few of the Disney (or Disney-adjacent) things I spotted on a recent visit...

Seeing these books with 45s inside brought me back to my childhood. I had several 
of these, including that Robin Hood one on top. (Kids, a "45" was a short-form record 
that we used to... oh, nevermind.)

This Mickey hand puppet was propped up on a curb, dangerously 
close to a little pile of cigarette butts.

Is that an old All-Star Resort mug? Yes it is!

I was tempted by these World's Fair glasses- they were in great condition!

Princess bookends

This marble-base golf statue weighed about 5 pounds. The seller removed it 
from the table right after I took this photo, saying "I can't sell this, I haven't looked it 
up on eBay yet". OK, settle down, dude.

The rotary version of this was my dorm room phone. 
It was my roommate's most prized possession.

This table was filled with all sorts of little figures, and was a hit with 
a group of preschoolers waiting for their parents.

So, did I make a purchase? YES! I spotted this comic book, and after seeing the $1.00 price tag, how could I pass it up? It's a full length comic that features Mickey teaching Goofy about energy conservation. It's from 1978, and it's in great condition. I'm excited to dive in and see the 1978 take on this subject. Will the content be relevant, inaccurate, outdated, or still valid 37 years later? Stay tuned...

Have you ever discovered any Disney treasures at yard sales or flea markets? 
Tell us about it in the comments!

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