Saturday, February 25, 2017

What's next for Plus the Magic?

That 4 Year Itch...

If you spend any time on blogs dedicated to niche markets or specific realms of fandom- especially small blogs without a sponsorship/ad revenue model- you often see the same thing start to happen. As time goes by, it inevitably gets difficult to keep things fresh, to present content in a unique way, to do something different than a hundred other blogs are doing. Sometimes readership and engagement drop off, sometimes a blogger gets stuck in a rut and/or doesn't find the same joy in the process anymore. Sometimes a blogger's perspective or experience changes, and the original concept is no longer a good fit. Whatever the individual circumstances, a time often comes when things need to go in a new direction.

That's where Plus the Magic has been for a while.

I'm planning to change things up a bit in the coming months. I'm not exactly sure yet what that change will be, but getting to decide for myself is part of the fun (and part of the challenge).

I'm not planning a radical departure from my typical content, but I'm excited to explore some new avenues. I hope some of you stick around to see where the winds of change take us...

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