Thursday, June 13, 2013

Disney's Boardwalk: Seashore Sweets

The Boardwalk area at Walt Disney World, located adjacent to Epcot via the International Gateway, is one of my favorite places to stroll. 

photo courtesy of Walt Disney World official website

A recent Wordless Wednesday post (found here) prompted me to write about a place I discovered during my last visit. Nestled under the Boardwalk Inn, between restaurants Kouzzina and Flying Fish, is a "beauty" of a shop known for its delectable offerings: Seashore Sweets.

From the Disney website:

Enjoy “confections served with affection” by the Sweet Sisters, proprietors of this old-fashioned Atlantic shore-style candy shop. Saltwater taffy, fudge, hand-dipped ice cream, shakes, floats, chocolate, bulk candy and more are in store.

This description- while accurate- fails to mention one of the most prominent features of the establishment: an homage to the Miss America Pageant. 

Never missing a chance to immerse us in theme, Disney takes a page out of boardwalk history by theming this sweet shop after one of the most famous products to come out of Atlantic City.

The Miss America Pageant, which was started as a marketing ploy to keep tourists around after Labor Day, has been a boardwalk staple since the Businessmen's League of Atlantic City started holding the event in the early 1920s.  After a brief foray to Las Vegas in 2006, the pageant returns to Atlantic City later this year.

One of the first things to greet you upon entering is a glass case housing the familiar regal cape, scepter, crown and trophy...

Photographs of beach scenes, boardwalk attractions, and pageantry dot the walls and create a nostalgic backdrop...

Remember to look up: the shop is bordered by photos of all the women who have worn the crown throughout the years...

Framed posters and memorabilia can be found in every corner. A souvenir program from the 1942 pageant would have cost you 25 cents that year. I wonder how much it would fetch today...

Ice cream, candy, beverages, fudge, and assorted treats are all for sale.... including my favorite, Disney popcorn.

If you're interested in learning all about the era and how Disney's Boardwalk recreates that magic, I recommend WDW Radio episode #313. This podcast episode features Lou Mongello and Disney legend Jim Korkis exploring the area with in-depth commentary and a fun lesson in boardwalk history. 

The next time you're strolling the Boardwalk area, make a stop in Seashore Sweets. Even if you're not in the mood for a snack, it's a great place to take in a slice of Americana.

Have you visited Seashore Sweets? What's your favorite stop along Disney's Boardwalk? Share it with us in the comments...


  1. Nice post! Seashore Sweets also has a good view out the window:

  2. Soft-serve Snickers ice cream with my Cast Member merchandise discount, that was a big part of a night out at the Boardwalk for the Reinert family!!

    1. Ooh, that sounds delish. Soft-serve Snickers?? Now I wish I had spent more time checking out the flavors instead of taking pictures!

  3. This looks cool. We are going to Disney for the 1st time in November. We'll have to check it out. Stopping by from SITS.

  4. LOVE Boardwalk! I'll have to check this spot out on our next trip! Great pics!

  5. I stayed at the Boardwalk a few years ago and didn't step foot in Seashore Sweets! Can't believe I didn't go here, I love candy shops! Now I want to go back! I don't know how I missed it as we ate at Kouzzina, Flying Fish, and another counter service stop right around there all throughout our stay. That was one of the best parts about staying at the Boardwalk...the close proximity to restaurants and shops...and Epcot!

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