Sunday, June 2, 2013

Do I Hear runDisney Calling my Name?

I just completed my first race- not a runDisney race, but a local 5K with the Girls on the Run program. Ten weeks ago, I had never run so much as a city block. My daughter was in the GOTR program, and I found myself with some time on my hands and in need of a challenge. I hopped into a 10 week training schedule, and despite wanting to give up after the first week, I stuck it out. I'm thrilled to say I completed the race today, running along side two of my favorite people- my daughter and my best friend.

I had two little bits of Disney magic accompanying me for good luck:

The Hidden Mickey sneaker (for obvious reasons), along with one of my favorite pins: the Maelstrom FASTPASS. There were a few relevant reasons for the Maelstrom pin. First, the FASTPASS  reference- to help me go fast. Next, Maelstrom is in Norway, my favorite World Showcase pavilion. This pavilion is also home to the beautiful statue of Norwegian Grete Waitz, an Olympian and runner who won nine NYC marathons- more than any other runner in history. And finally, because...Maelstrom. Maelstrom just rocks.

Is there a runDisney race in my future? I think I might hear them calling my name....


  1. WTG sticking out your training! You should be very proud. Next stop Tower of Terror 5K or 10 miler, your choice ;)

  2. YES!!! 1000Xs YES! Join us on the dark side... muuhahahhaaaa... but hold on to your wallet. ;)

    There's a 10K happening at Princess (and maybe Tink!) that could be great for a newish runner!

  3. GO FOR IT!!! What an amazing goal. You just proved you can do it, so look out world, here she comes!