Friday, June 21, 2013

Favorites on Friday: The Epcot Glass

I first saw the glass a few years ago in MouseGear, the shopping mecca located in Epcot's Future World. This gorgeous cobalt blue pint glass, with retro logo and a mirror-finish inside- it was calling my name. There was a whole corner of the store displaying these beauties. I had to have one, despite not having any room for it in my suitcase. I ended up carrying it in my hand on the flight home.

I returned several months later, and much to my surprise- there were now matching shot glasses! How could I pass that up? I started chatting with a Cast Member stocking the shelf. He told me that there are technically no shot glasses at WDW- they're officially called "tiny glasses", a term which supposedly has a more family-friendly ring to it. True? I'm not sure...but I like that tiny glass moniker.

I considered buying more of the pint glasses- why not go for a whole set? I'm a firm believer in having back-ups of favorite items, especially when they're breakable items. But one thing led to another on that trip, and before I knew it, I was returning home- no pint glasses secured. At least I had my new tiny glass.

I then found myself in the unbelievably lucky position of having to attend a work conference in Orlando just a short time later. I extended the trip by a few days- of course- so I could return to the parks. This time I was prepared! I used a larger suitcase, and made sure I had plenty of room. I was on a mission! I headed straight to MouseGear. Straight to my cobalt corner.

But wait a minute- hang on- what were all those tropical colors I saw up ahead? What's with all the floral? Where's my cobalt??

A new design scheme had taken over. Reds, pinks, and oranges were everywhere. Characters had taken the place of Epcot logos on the merchandise. No, they didn't have them displayed elsewhere. No, they didn't have any remnants "in the back".

My retro Epcot cobalt ship had sailed.

Consider this a Public Service Announcement:

Do not wait to buy something you really want. It may not be there when you return! Take heed of the moral of this story: if you like it- get it! Don't wait! You never know when something might be gone for good...


How about you? Have you ever waited too long for a special item, only to be disappointed later? Did you learn your lesson? Do you have a favorite glass from WDW? Tell us in the comments...


  1. What a cool glass! Great points!

  2. Your glasses are beautiful! I'm glad you've still got them and got the little one.

    I do hate it when I go back to get something I liked and find it gone. It'll keep me sad for a while. Sorry that happened to you.

    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.