Monday, January 13, 2014

runDisney Expedition Everest Challenge

I did it- I took the plunge. I registered for my second runDisney race. Expedition Everest Challenge, here I come!

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The first weekend in May, I'll taking on the Everest Challenge, in Disney's Animal Kingdom. This event has a few interesting features that I can't wait to experience. It's a night time 5K combined with an obstacle course, followed by a scavenger hunt through the park. After completing the 5K and obstacle course portion of the event, runners must then race to various locations around the park, deciphering clues that will eventually lead them to the after-party. Scavenger hunt, deciphering clues, partying in the park late at night? This event has my name written all over it!

One more thing... see that medal up there? It opens up to reveal a real compass. This will be MINE! 

I'll be racing once again with my sister. Neither of us has ever done a race at night before. How about you? Have you raced at night? Have you done the Everest Challenge? Tell us about it in the comments...

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